About Prolific

Helping improve human knowledge, one study at a time

How can companies be more productive and creative? How can we encourage environmentally sustainable behaviour? How can we be healthier and happier?

Data can help us answer these kinds of questions, but collecting high quality data is hard. At Prolific, we strive to empower great research. We do this by enabling fast, reliable and large-scale data collection by connecting researchers with participants around the world.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that the best decisions are supported by data. Our mission is to make trustworthy data more accessible to everybody – from individuals to businesses to governments – and facilitate world-changing research.

Our principles

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We put the quality of the research first

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of research, data, and decision-making. Everything we do is centred around our mission to facilitate world-changing research. We’re not here to sell participant time: we’re here to improve the way research is done online.

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We build trust

We build trust with each other through responsible actions, honest relationships, and feedback. We build a product that facilitates trust with and between our users. Trust in our data powers our reputation and brand. We act with integrity in everything we do and we value the trust our users have in us.

We celebrate our differences

We care deeply about diversity within our team and on our platform. We embrace our differences and are open to being challenged and receiving feedback because a diverse team feeds different opinions and ideas which we use to make better decisions.

We are deeply curious about solving problems

We're solving complex problems no one has solved before. This doesn't mean we don't learn from others, but we always aim to get to a first principles understanding. We approach challenges with humility, go deep to understand the problem in its details, and think systematically when solving them.

We are optimistic and find a way

We’re realistic but optimistic about the impact of Prolific and our ability to achieve our vision. We can all influence this outcome by being proactive, taking ownership, making fast decisions, and driving progress. There will be many challenges on the path, but there’s always a way forward.

We experiment and iterate fast

We are execution-focused, move with purpose, and look to build momentum. We know that “fast gets good better than good gets fast” so we aim to make progress and make decisions quickly. We have an experimental mindset, which we apply with rigour to make faster decisions, not as a crutch.

Meet the leadership

image of phelim bradley, prolific ceo

Phelim Bradley

CEO & Co-founder

Phelim’s background is in Physics and Computational Biology, with a DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics from Oxford University. He built the first Prolific platform in 2014, led the product strategy as CTO, and became CEO in 2021. In his spare time he’s an avid Irish Rugby supporter, whisky drinker and amateur yogi.

image of jim moodie, prolific coo

Jim Moodie


Jim’s passion for startups with a positive social impact led him to Prolific. At work, he focuses on operational strategy and scaling a world-class remote team, whilst at home he enjoys hiking the Ridgeway, reading about history, foraging and making cider.

image of michelle harte, prolific general counsel

Michelle Harte

General Counsel

Michelle loves the challenges start-ups bring and joined in 2021, heading up all things legal at Prolific. She loves hiking, going to concerts, and being a taxi service to her two sports-mad sons.

image of Jess, Prolific VP of finance

Jess Mantell

VP Finance

Jess joined Prolific from PwC to help build a finance team which delivers meaningful insights and engages stakeholders in our growth journey. Outside of work, she is a keen home baker, proud dog-mum and park run regular.

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