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At a glance

With Prolific, we're changing how research on the internet is done. Katia and Phelim started by building a marketplace that connects researchers (from both Academia and industry) with instant, high quality, global research participants. Now, as a growing team, the bigger vision is to build the most powerful and trusted platform for behavioral research.

Our two-sided marketplace and ambitious growth plans come with many interesting challenges around how to accelerate growth, as we move from running thousands of studies a month, to tens of thousands. We hope to become the go-to infrastructure layer for "human responses" that empowers anybody – individuals, businesses, and governments – to make more evidence-based decisions.

We've been part of Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch, raised $1.4M in seed funding, we're distributed across Europe and we're already profitable.

If you'd like to know about us and what we do, please read our Prolific blog and our Employee handbook.

Our principles

We put the quality of the research first

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of research, data, and decision-making. Everything we do is centred around our mission to facilitate world-changing research. We’re not here to sell participant time: we’re here to improve the way research is done online.

We build trust

We build trust with each other through responsible actions, honest relationships, and feedback. We build a product that facilitates trust with and between our users. Trust in our data powers our reputation and brand. We act with integrity in everything we do and we value the trust our users have in us.

We celebrate our differences

We care deeply about diversity within our team and on our platform. We embrace our differences and are open to being challenged and receiving feedback because a diverse team feeds different opinions and ideas which we use to make better decisions.

We are deeply curious about solving problems

We're solving complex problems no one has solved before. This doesn't mean we don't learn from others, but we always aim to get to a first principles understanding. We approach challenges with humility, go deep to understand the problem in its details, and think systematically when solving them.

We are optimistic and find a way

We’re realistic but optimistic about the impact of Prolific and our ability to achieve our vision. We can all influence this outcome by being proactive, taking ownership, making fast decisions, and driving progress. There will be many challenges on the path, but there’s always a way forward.

We experiment and iterate fast

We are execution-focused, move with purpose, and look to build momentum. We know that “fast gets good better than good gets fast” so we aim to make progress and make decisions quickly. We have an experimental mindset, which we apply with rigour to make faster decisions, not as a crutch.

How we work

Prolific is a Remote-First company. We want to support people to do their best work in an environment that enables them to be their best self.

We are async by default

Transparency, openness and trust are built into our company DNA. Our researchers can trust that they’ll get high quality results out of the data they collect through our platform and our participants can trust that they will be treated fairly and with respect.

We document everything

Making documentation is everyone's responsibility. No one should be a bottleneck for information!

We focus on automation

We automate where we can, from tasks to processes, so we don't have to rely on sync time.

We default to transparency

We are transparent not just internally but externally too! Providing feedback and accountability wherever possible.

We provide self-serve information and encourage self-learning

Everyone should be able to find the information they need for themselves. If it's not readily available, this gives us the opportunity to find what's missing and build our knowledge base.

Our remote working experience

Work from home, our office hub in Shoreditch or a local co-working space.

Flexible working hours where we trust you to give your best to make Prolific succeed.

Contractors and employees are treated with the same internal autonomy.

Make a home office you love.

£150 per month to personalize your experience and make it great!

Collaborative and fun meet-ups and socials.

See our benefits section for more!

How we interview & hire

We believe that interviews should be conversations where we learn more about each other. Here is a basic outline of our interview process:

  1. Initial Interview - You'll have a 30 - 45 minute interview with two members of the team where you'll have the opportunity to ask about the company and the role, and we'll ask you questions about your experiences and goals.
  2. Assignment - There will be a 2 hour assignment that evaluates skills required for the role. You'll be compensated with a £50 voucher for completing the task because we know your time is valuable!
  3. Final Interview - The final stage is a 1.5 – 2 hour interview where we'll deep dive into your past experiences, goals, motivations, and skills. You'll speak with two to three members of the team and - as always - have an opportunity to ask questions about the role and company.


Our openings

Sorry, we have no open positions at this time. Please check back again soon.