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Testing your memory of
a crime scene

7 mins
500 places
United States
Time taken:
8 mins
United Kingdom
Time taken:
10 mins
United States
Time taken:
11 mins
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"We are really enjoying using Prolific. It has been so much better for us than MTurk.”

"Prolific participants write in full sentences and fully describe things. It’s a gold mine of data and such valuable feedback."

“I love being in charge of incentivizing my studies. Prolific makes budgeting accessible, convenient, and easy.”

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Managing our own participants gives us control to deliver the highest data quality available.

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Plus, fair payments and careful study distribution successfully get you honest, thoughtful responses.

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Service fee

Participants should keep 100% of their rewards, so we charge our platform fee on top. This fee is reduced for non-profit and academic institutions.

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Our 250+ pre-set filters are free to use. Choose a representative sample for an additional cost.

Participant rewards

Everyone’s time is valuable, so the minimum reward allowed is £6.00/$8.00 per hour.

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