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Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey vs Prolific: which one helps you get higher quality data?

4 shocking AI bias examples

George Denison
November 22, 2022

This blog explores 4 of the most notable examples where AI that was created with the best intentions ended up reflecting society’s worst prejudices.

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How we plan Prolificon (our annual company meet-up)

Rheanna Marshall
November 9, 2022

Every year in November, we have a company-wide event called none other than, Prolificon. But what goes into organising it?

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How to choose a good sample size for your survey

Amy Breese
October 4, 2022

The correct sample size is imperative for accurate study results. Use our proven calculation method to find the right sample size for you.

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The complete guide to improving data quality in online surveys

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Data quality of platforms and panels for online behavioral research

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Beyond the Turk: Alternative platforms for crowdsourcing behavioral research

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